Dentist in Lincoln Park, IL

One of the most versatile tools that our dentist and team have for repairing or improving your smile is the dental crown. A crown has cosmetic and restorative uses, and Dr. Aaron Diehl can explain the various ways a crown can enhance your appearance and oral health. To see if a dental crown in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois would be a good fit for your smile, call 773-340-2016 to make your appointment at Pure Design Dentistry.

Dental crowns are one of the most common and effective dental restorations out there. They effectively cap damaged tooth structure, preventing future problems or pain and preserving the foundation of the tooth. Severe tooth decay and damage to the structure of the tooth can both be helped by a crown, and we can even use a crown to improve the appearance of a tooth while also protecting it.

When you receive a crown, our dentist will first prepare the tooth receiving the crown. Any decay will be removed and a thin layer of the tooth surface will be ground down to best fit the crown. We will place a temporary crown to get the fit, and you will have that until your permanent restoration is created. Once this is done, you will come in for one more appointment, where we will place the permanent crown and adjust it to fit in perfectly with your smile. After that, you can take care of it like a normal tooth.

Call our office for more information and to get started on your new dental crown today!