Dentist in Lincoln Park, IL

What can you expect when you visit our dentist in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois? Your first visit to Pure Design Dentistry should only take about an hour. Because we care about providing exceptional dental care and a great patient experience, we will give you a complete tour of our office and review our office policies with you.
We will give you a dental cleaning and exam which will include a cancer screening and X-rays, along with an examination of your gums. Afterward, our Dr. Diehl will talk with you about your oral health and any issues of concern. Dr. Diehl will also discuss the goals you have for your smile, including any cosmetic improvements you would like to have done. Together, you and Dr. Diehl will develop a treatment plan to achieve your goals and allow you to enjoy great oral health.
If you are brining your child in to see Dr. Diehl, we will clean their teeth, give them a complete examination, take any needed X-rays and give them a fluoride treatment if necessary. Dr. Diehl and our team will also take the time to talk with your child about how they can care for their smile at home through brushing and flossing, and by eating a balanced diet.

Patient Forms
To make your visit to our office more convenient we have provided our patient forms below. Instead of spending your time filling out your forms at our office, you can fill them out online and complete them at your own pace and in the privacy of your home. If you would like to plan your visit with us or if you have questions about your forms, please contact our team at 773-340-2016.

Online Patient Forms