At Pure Design Dentistry, our dentist and team are dedicated to helping people enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles for life. But we are also focused on being good stewards of our environment and doing what we can to minimize our impact on our planet. As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable office space, Dr. Aaron Diehl uses LED lighting wherever possible at our dental office in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois.

Our team has taken other steps to meet the needs of our patients while also minimizing our carbon footprint and our impact on the world around us. For example, our office uses digital X-rays during our examinations. Digital X-rays use less radiation than traditional X-rays and do not require developing fluid, which means we do not need to dispose of harsh chemicals. We also use electronic record keeping which drastically cuts down on the amount of paper we use in the office. Our office recycles and we are a BPA-free workplace, which allows us to eliminate other chemicals that can cause issues for the health of our patients and for the environment.

If you would like to see other examples of the initiatives that our dentist has taken to move toward an eco-friendly workplace, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Diehl, call 773-340-2016 today to plan your visit. Or, you can book your appointment online. Our office is also happy to see patients from the Gold Coast, Lakeview, the Loop and nearby areas