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Periodontal disease can cause gum recession, bleeding, inflammation, and tooth decay. If you have symptoms that could be affecting your oral health, visit Pure Design Dentistry in Lincoln Park, Chicago. As a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aaron Diehl offers safe and effective treatments for periodontal disease so you can protect your teeth and gums and maintain a healthy smile. Call the Pure Design Dentistry office or book an appointment online today.

Periodontal Disease Q & A

by Aaron P. Diehl, DDS

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease — often referred to as gum disease — causes inflammation and infection in the tissue of your gums. It’s a common condition in many adults, and many people may not even know they have it. If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage to the gums and teeth.

What are the symptoms of periodontal disease?

Initially, periodontal disease may not produce any symptoms. As the condition progresses, however, some common problems usually arise. Some of the most typical signs of periodontal disease are:

  • Tenderness or bleeding in the gums
  • Redness and inflammation of gum tissue
  • Painful chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Loose teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Bad breath

If you have symptoms of gum disease, Dr. Diehl can perform a comprehensive oral examination to determine the stage of your gum disease and how to best treat it.

What causes periodontal disease?

One of the most common causes of periodontal disease is plaque buildup. Plaque is a breeding ground for bacteria, which causes infection in the gums and can lead to gum recession, inflammation, and other symptoms.

Even if you don’t have plaque buildup, periodontal disease can develop for other reasons. Some common causes or risk factors include:

  • Smoking: one of the most significant risk factors for gum disease and can also reduce chances of successful treatment
  • Diabetes: reduces the body’s ability to fight off infection
  • Hormonal changes: especially in girls and women, which can increase the odds of developing gingivitis
  • Medications: drugs that inhibit the flow of saliva or cause excess gum tissue growth

How is periodontal disease treated?

At Pure Design Dentistry, Dr. Diehl can map out a treatment plan to resolve periodontal disease. This might involve a number of different procedures, including pain-free deep cleanings, scaling and root planing, or osseous surgery.

Periodontal disease can take time to resolve, and healing requires you to maintain good oral health habits. Once you’ve had any sort of periodontal therapy, it’s best to have frequent maintenance appointments to monitor your gum and teeth health.

Dr. Aaron Diehl of Pure Design Dentistry provides Periodontal Disease treatment for patients in Lincoln Park, Chicago. He also services patients in the Gold Coast, Lakeview, the Loop, and all other surrounding areas. Call or Book Online to schedule your visit!